BKB Brews For Bitties - Nov. 2022

Tonight was the Bitty Kitty Brigade's 3rd annual Brews For Bitties at Forgotten Star Brewing. The Bitty Kitty Brigade is a foster-based rescue for orphaned neonatal kittens in the Twin Cities, MN and surrounding areas. It's the rescue that both Elara and Ersa are adopted from, and that I now volunteer for with my mad photography skills, forster-sit, and the occasional transfer/TNR of kitties.

The Brews For Bitties event, as with our other events, is a great way for people to see some of the bitties. These are between 8 and 11 weeks old, and are always a big hit for attendees to see, and ask questions about the cats and the process behind raising bottle baby kittens.

I love seeing the kids expressions when they see the kittens. It's pretty magical to watch their interactions. It's love at first sight for them!

The Brews For Bitties event was both an online, and in-person, silent auction to raise money for the organization. It's pretty expensive to keep up with the medical costs, and day to day expenses for young kittens, especially the ones that need to be nursed back to health from being abandoned as day or week old kittens. Both Ersa and Elara received this attention, and would not have survived without it. They are now both happy, strong, healthy, 3 year old cats.

While the silent auction is now over (I will update this post with totals raised once that's made public), you can make your dollar contributions count further and donate for Give to the Max Day. Every little bit helps!