Cloudy With A Chance Of Awesome Clouds

Cloudy With A Chance Of Awesome Clouds
Photo by Ferdinand Stöhr / Unsplash

Just before sunset last night the sky was on fire with some amazing clouds and late evening colors. I noticed it getting brighter and brighter, when it was supposed to start getting darker, so I had to pause watching the newest season of The Umbrella Academy and grabbed my shoes and phone to take a look.

So I normally don't like posting multiple versions of the same photo. I prefer to edit one final image, and go with that. However, I feel like I am evolving in my old(er) age, so here's the same image, captured on the iPhone, with 2 different edits:

  • The left image is what the phone software Auto edited to. I always initially look at an image with the Auto edit selected before I apply my own edits because I am curious how the phone software interprets what I see into what it thinks I should have seen. Even though I feel it's a bit punchy and contrasty, I actually do like that image. Hence why I am including it here.
  • The right image is closer to how I wanted it to be. A bit more contrast and punch than what the camera captured, but closer to how my eyes saw it.

Here's an additional set of images, photographed maybe a minute or so after the first set. The same bullet points from above apply to these images. I actually like these clouds better, though!

It was nice to sit and watch this beautiful display of nature for a few minutes as the sun continued to set and it got darker out, before returning to being a couch potato slave to Nextflix.