Nail Stamping & Nail Art? What's That?

Nail Stamping & Nail Art? What's That?
Photo by Sarah Cervantes / Unsplash

Because of my love of all things macro, I was excited to see that Sarah had picked up a new hobby in nail stamping and nail art. What is that exactly, you might ask? Well, I wasn't entirely sure myself, at first! It's basically what you think it is, though - painting artistic imagery on someone's nails. And when you're feeling really ambitious, bringing up your skills to actually stamping designs on nails! You can even combine the two to create some stunning final results.

Nail Stamping

Here's one of her first attempts at doing a full set of stamped nails. I think she did a really good job for a beginner in the craft! I love the colors and theme she chose for this set a lot.

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