Week 10 - Low Key

Week 10 - Low Key
Photo by Phil Botha / Unsplash

Low Key Photography is style of photography that utilizes a single light source (your key light) to create a dark, moody, often dramatic, or high contrast image. You use the key light to draw attention to a specific subject in your image, removing all other possible distractions.

Berries in the Dark #1

Okay, I know that photographing fruit, especially strawberries, are a common theme for low light photos. To be fair though, there were strawberries in the house that needed to be eaten. The bananas looked terrible, and I completely forgot there were a few red pears on the counter.

Also, the weather this week has been downright cold and brightly sunny. The one week it's sunny every day, I can't exactly go take moody landscape low light photos outside. Boo. Hiss.