Week 11 - An Activity

Week 11 - An Activity
Photo by Unsplash

From a kid's sporting event, to an evening walk, An Activity could encompass many things across the spectrum. I had originally planned on photographing a tray of hamantaschen, a Purim dessert, fresh from the oven, but decided I didn't want to make them this year. I'm not a baker, so they are a bit of a challenge for me to do correctly. Believe me, I have tried... a few times. The end results were okay - far from perfect, though.

Breakfast Scones - Rustic

Instead of the from-scratch hamantaschen, how about some breakfast scones? Admittedly, from a package, but a really delicious package. Add water, shape on tray, bake, cool (if you must), nosh. Easy, peasy. The only way to mess these up is if you're completely drunk or high, or can't read. Seriously.

Since I did a baking photo, I didn't want a fansy studio setup, or elaborate flat lay with a million different elements in it. Leave that to the dedicated food bloggers. This is meant to be an image of an activity, and I wanted that rustic feel to it, not something polished that would take an hour to maticulously set up. These scones are for eating, people!!

Breakfast Scone - Plated

A slightly more refined photo, Breakfast Scone on Plate. Coming to a High End Gallery near you (ha ha ha).

Speaking of food blogs, I keep going back and forth in my brain about starting one. To keep track of all the different things I try, and what to try or buy again, and what to avoid in the future. Maybe recipes, or experiments in the kitchen (I do love to cook), baking disasters (I do hate to bake), etc. Then it dawns on me that it would be a lot of work to maintain yet another blog, and I just don't have that level of motivation right now. Convince me, if you must.