Week 12 - Long Shutter

Week 12 - Long Shutter
Photo by AgĂȘ Barros / Unsplash

For this week's photo challenge, I had to utilize the Long Shutter technique. Photography is all about freezing a moment in time... instead, this method captures something in seconds. Moving water or clouds, an animal on the move, or traffic headlights (or tail lights) at night. I have a bunch of these types of images I have done over the years, which I will save for an additional blog post. This week, it's all about creating something new.

I spent most of the week trying to get the girls to do something... anything... interesting... but they flat-out refused. It's as if they knew I wanted to get a shot of them playing, or chasing one another, or doing something on the move. But no. It's like they lived the entire week in a pool of amber. Spiteful little creatures.

Ersa the Ghost Cat

Finally though, after sitting on the floor with the camera and some of their toys, I managed to get a few images. This one is of Ersa just sauntering past her orange ball (middle frame). You can see her feet, and that white streak through the center of the frame is her body. Pretty cool - ghostly cat photo!

Phasing Cat Toy

Elara spent most of the time just laying there, supervising the entire ordeal. I eventually decided to changed tactics. Instead of getting her moving, I would try and get her toys in motion. This was the best image of the experiment. Her purple ball in motion, looking like it's phasing in and out of time, like on a Dr. Who episode. A really boring Dr. Who espisode, where a cat just sits there and stares off into (time and) space.