Week 15 - Extreme Close Up

Week 15 - Extreme Close Up
Photo by Taylor Kopel / Unsplash

So, this was a week that I took a lot of photos to satisfy this challenge, and I mean a lot. I only chose one to post right now, because I just didn't have the mental energy to cull through all the rest to find a few more to edit and then upload. I will get to those at some point though. And I do want to post some of them, because I do have some really good ones to share!

Honestly, this challenge did trip me up a bit. When I think of an extreme close up, I immediately go to a macro shot. And to be fair, a macro shot is technically an extreme close up. However, for this particular challenge, there is a subtle difference - a macro photo (in the true sense of the term) is one where the subject is something really tiny. A close up of an insect, or an eyeball, would be a macro photo. On the other hand, an extreme close up is meant to be a subject that fills the entire frame. A perfect example of this would be the photo of Ersa I took a few weeks ago.

A Furry Extreme Close Up

Not to be out-shined by Ersa, I did get a really neat photo of Elara for this week. Her fur is constantly a source of wonder for my details-obsessed brain. I do love how this photo highlights a lot of her individual strands of fur, and her arms are positioned in the perfect way to form two halves of a joined circle.