Week 18 - Flat Lay

Week 18 - Flat Lay
Photo by Sunil L / Unsplash

Tell a photographer to take a Flat Lay photo, and 99 out of 100 will race to grab all their gear, and then spend the next hour or two diligently placing cameras, lenses, flashes, and whatever else they use to aid them in taking their photos, to produce their humble brag GAS1 photo to share with the world.

I really did not want to be that photographer, so here.... have a photo of some bacon:

Some Bacon (Flat Lay Edition)

I actually did this photo out of protest because I didn't want to go down the obvious path of camera equipment. However, it eventually dawned on me to do a flat lay of something else that I love... coffee!

Coffee & Chocolate (Flat Lay Yummy Edition)

These Nespresso pods are so colorful and worth photographing, but I felt there needed to be more to the photo. I took a few minutes to add some small chocolates that I sometimes melt in my lattes to make the image a bit more interesting.

I still wanted to expand upon the story though. What else could I add to this coffee flat lay to make it even more interesting?

Coffe & Chocoate (Flat Lay Ever MOAR Yummy Edition)

With a little more rearranging, I added the spoons and the syrups to the photo. This makes a much more interesting story. It's starting to get a tiny bit busy, but not enough to detract from the overall image. I think if I added more elements, even things in the background that wouldn't necessarily add to the story, it would have been detrimental to the final photo.

Maybe I should have tossed in a peice of bacon into that final photo....

1 GAS is Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Basically major FOMO regarding photo gear exhibited by some photographers.