Week 19 - Architecture

Week 19 - Architecture
Photo by Sam Moghadam Khamseh / Unsplash

There's certainly no shortage of subject matter to photograph when it comes to architecture. There's man-made structures all over the place. The trick is to try and capture something that's not only interesting, but also tells a story - or leaves the viewer questioning the image, and wanting more.

Not too far from my studio, Target has a satellite corporate campus. It's a complex that I think would make some interesting photos. I have taken a few different ones over the past few years, but none that I've been completely happy with sharing. I am sure they are fine to others, but hey, we are our own worst critics, right? So for this week's challenge, as much as I wanted to go over there and get a few photos of their campus, I decided to go in a different direction, and not predictably photograph a (mostly) square or rectangular building.

Amph It Up!

The Town Green Amphitheater, in Maple Grove, MN, has been an interesting structure to me for years now. It has both traditional and modern aspects to it, both of which nicely balance one another. Surprisingly, there were no other visible people around, despite the decent weather for the morning, allowing me to get some photos with no distractions.

Sun Glass Wall

Here's the back of the amphitheater, which has a wall of glass (or plexi, I really don't know for sure). It was pretty sunny until I tried to get a shot of the sun coming through the wall. Then it suddenly got cloudy. Of course it did. After waiting a few minutes, and keeping the woman and her kid behind me watching the ducks in the water wondering what I was doing, I did get this photo of the wall slightly lit up. At this point, the angle of the sun was just a tad too high to get the photo I wanted, but still happy with this overall since it has great leading lines.