Week 20 - Abstract

Week 20 - Abstract
Photo by Milad Fakurian / Unsplash

This is one of the weekly challenges I was most looking forward to completing. Abstract photography is one of my absolute favorite genres. I might not be able to paint well, or create pottery or sculptures, but I can create beautiful abstract images through my camera... or any camera, really. The camera is just a tool, the real magic of creativity comes from what I see and can imagine through the things I see.

Abstract in Yellow

Over the years I have tended to create my abstract images through my macro work. Not only is the macro world fascinating when everything is in focus, it ascends to another level when those elements are changed through focusing and depth of field.

Abstract in Focus

And abstract images can take you anywhere not limited by your imagination. I look at the above scene and see a star with flares shooting from it's rotation. What is it that you see?

Abstract in Pink

One final image for the week. These were my 3 favorite photos that I took for the challenge. I can't say I will ever tire of creating these types of fine art images.

Any of these would look great as a desk print, or a beautiful fine art wall print. Interested? Contact me today to order your very own print!