Week 23 - Look Up

Week 23 - Look Up
Photo by Beth Tate / Unsplash

Not every week is cheery and full of wonderment. There is always emotional balance. This week was a bit of challenge (for the challenge), and I was not super inspired by much around me. What caught my eye the most was the weather. June is behaving more like what you'd expect from May.

Looking Up to the Clouds

Sporadic storm clouds, and a bit of afternoon or evening storms. The clouds always offer some great viewing. You'll always see something new and different, even from the same set of clouds as they move across the sky interacting with one another.

Super Fluffy Clouds

I was driving around following the movement of these clouds, looking for the perfect photo, and one that didn't have a bunch of man-made obstructions in the frame. There's always a pole or power lines exactly where you don't want them! And yes, they can be cloned out of an image in Photoshop, but I would rather get an image as close to perfect from the camera, which allows more time taking photos, and less time editing on the computer.