Week 27 - Negative Space in Street Photography

Week 27 - Negative Space in Street Photography
Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann / Unsplash

For this week, I was really hoping to get out and find some people to get some good black and white street photography. Despite being an introvert by nature, I do love this type of photography.

On the Street #1

Luckily, one of the local farmer's markets was open, so we headed over for some shopping and photography. The photos in this post all have examples of negative space to draw your attention to the people in the frames.

On the Street #2

I really like this one. Very expressive, and tells a great story. Perfect with the food truck in it!

On the Street #3

This is my favorite of the trio. Children make some of the best candid photos, hands-down. Their innocence and amazement at the world around them.

I did manage to capture a few others, not representative to the challenge, that I will have to post a different day. Which one of the three photos posted is your favorite?