Week 29 - A Common Object

Week 29 - A Common Object
Photo by Salman Hossain Saif / Unsplash

For the challenge this week, the goal was to take something common and make it feel a bit extraordinary. Hey you little overlooked thing, let me throw you in the spotlight! Go from basic to extra with the click of the shutter.

I did manage to take a bunch of photos, but will break up the images into multiple posts. This is mainly because I have some images still on one of the cameras, and have not downloaded and edited them yet. I would like to put a little more thought and purpose into those images, and I think they will go good together as a set. If you're confused, don't be. All will be clear when I post them in an accompanying blog post.

Pastry in the Spotlight

This was the first image I took this week for the challenge. The light from the window was absolutely perfect. Knowing I had only a few minutes to work with, I grabbed this fruit pocket for the photo. Nothing more ordinary than some delicious food, right? There's only a million or three food blogs out there with eleventybillion food photos. I would like to hope I did this little guy some justice... that is, before I ate him!

I don't know why I picked the above feature image... I was looking for something a bit abstract, as I do for most of them. Attention grabber for you, the reader. I will just roll with it.