Week 30 - Focal Point

Week 30 - Focal Point
Photo by Álvaro Serrano / Unsplash

It's now week 30 of this 52 week photo challenge! When I started, I figured I would have the determination to finish, and yes, not there yet, but more than half-way there! Can you believe that tomorrow is August 1st? It feels like January just happened, not July.

The movement of time - in real time.

While I am not exactly ready for the month to turn over, At least it's not winter. Yeah, it's annoyingly hot and dry out, but at least it's not 30 degrees below zero with a wind chill of nope.

Enough procrastinating, and on to the reason we are all here! To see some photos! Much better than having me ramble and post GIFs (or is it??)

As usual, my mind wandered a bit when it came to the challenge this week. Focal Point - drawing attention to a specific subject or part of the image. Easy enough, right? It is, when your mind doesn't run 300 miles a second, and you're not constantly second guessing your ( life photography ) choices.

Sprinkle Sprinkle Little Grass

Here's my first attempt, a good enough representation of creating a focal point. I was kicking myself though at not having the rangefinder or DSLR with me. I took this with the iPhone while out on a walk, and of course you're at the mercy at how it interprets the scene. I wish there was more definition between the forground and background. Still a neat shot, though.

Focal Silhouette

Fast forward a few days, and I was still hung up on those damn sprinkers. Went on another walk to the same place, armed with the Fuji mirrorless, but wouldn't you know it, the sprinklers were not running, so time to find a Plan B. I really liked the silhouette of this light pole, and how it draws the eye in. This makes a great alternative to the previous attempt.

Flagged Focal Point

Perhaps 10 minutes later, while nearing the end of the walk, I noticed this scene. This is perhaps my favorite interpretation of the Focal Point challenege. A single flag, drawing your attention to it, moreso because it compliments the sky behind it. And it's pointing! Third image for the win!

Now that we've made it to the end of this week, what was your favorite image?