Week 31 - Choose A Color

Week 31 - Choose A Color
Photo by Jason Leung / Unsplash

For this week's photo challenge, the theme was to choose a color (any color) and make that color contribute to the story of the image. There's a number of ways to approach this - I ultimately decided though that I could either feature that color prominently in the photo, and draw attention to it, or I can use a single color palette for the photo.

For a shot like this, I immediately think of some still life food photo. Food is quite colorful, and I can easily create some stunning colorful imagery in the studio. I thought of the different colored cutting boards I have - green, yellow, orange, blue, and the different foods that would look cool. A flat lay of some jalapeno peppers on the green cutting board was where my mind kept going. After all, I do have the jalapenos in the fridge!

Ultimately, I decided that the green on green pepper photo would be my last resort photo if I didn't find something else during the week to photograph. It's good to have something to fall back on as a Plan B or Plan C in case things go awry or I just loose track of time during the week and need to do something last minute in a pinch.

Bread As A Color

Oh look, after all that drivel he took a food photo anyway!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I took a food photo anyway.

But in my defense, this was just as I was going about my day. I was baking some bread, and saw the golden brown on the crust and thought that would make a good image for the challenge. Besides the smell of the fresh baked bread right out of the oven, what visually draws you in? That golden brown color! You know it's going to be good because of that!

Bonus Photo Time!
The Golden Butterflies

Just when you think we're done, I pull you back in...

This shot was done last minute... seriously last minute... like at 8 PM on Sunday (the final day for the challenge)... while out at a friend's 40th birthday party. The host has a beautiful house, full of so much color. I thought my house was colorful, but her house is a step beyond that. She has this dark teal wall, with this golden butterfly accent on the wall. It just screamed for a photo. Honestly though, I could have easily released my inner introvert and  disappeared from the gathering to photograph all the cool features of her house. Maybe I can persuade her to allow me back at a later date to do that!