Week 33 - Water

Week 33 - Water
Photo by Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

Water. Wasser. Vaser. Something so simple, yet without it, we would all die. It's also majestic and amazing. I still have fond memories of looking at the ocean as a child, where the water went on forever. For thousands of miles nothing but water.

Now though, I live in the middle of the country. A land locked state that incidently has roughly 90,000 miles of freshwater shoreline. We're known for our 10,000 Lakes, which sounds better in the marketing brochures than the current total count of 11,842 Lakes.

I've been doing my best to think outside the box in regard to shooting these weekly challenges. Water is such a broad subject, like some of the proceeding ones have been. Do I go down to one of those nearly 12,000 lakes and photograph a water sport? Do I stay closer to home and shoot something in the studio with water droplets? What about a waterfall? (Yes, we have a few of those, though not nearly as many as Washington State's 3,132 waterfalls.)

Then there's the rain. Up until this week, there's not been a lot of rain this spring and summer. Thankfully though, we've gotten some much needed storms to combat our current drought.

Most photographers hate working in the rain. They have clients that hate being in the rain, too. I actually love shooting when it's broody and rainy out. There's such a great vibe in the air. It does help if you have weather resistant gear (I do) that will hold up to a little bit of getting wet outside. It's well worth it. I have created some amazing images when it's been wet and rainy outisde... and I decided it would be a great idea to capture some of the ideas floating around in my head to fulfill the challenege this week.