Week 34 - Peace

Week 34 - Peace
Photo by Christian Wiediger / Unsplash

This week's challenge photo is a bit more open-ended than normal. What do we mean by Peace? Literally, like a peace symbol (as in the cover image above), or something more open to interpretation, like a feeling of peace? I wanted to capture something that brought me a sense of peace and calm, rather than take the challenge more literally.

A Peaceful Walk

One of the most peaceful things for me is going for walks. This is from a park that I have started walking at lately. Not a new park to me, but a new park for walking through. Look! They just repaved the trails! Money well spent for those of us who don't want to walk through potholes and puddles.

I used to walk a lot more than I am even doing now. I need to force myself to do it more often. I like this trail, but it's pretty short. I should go back to the walks I did prior to COVID, when I would walk for 3 or more miles a day, almost daily.

And as the experts say, walking is good for you...