Week 35 - So Retro!

Week 35 - So Retro!
Photo by Jason Leung / Unsplash

If there's one thing I love, it's history. I think we can learn so much from our history, if only we took the time to study and understand it. Heck, let's just start with remembering history... even from a mere few years ago. People have such selectively short memories, which is absolutely terrible, especially for society as a whole.

I don't wish to go down some dark rabbit hole, so let's put a pin in the above for now, shall we? Onto this week's photo!

I had a few ideas for some retro items to use for this week's photo challenge, but quickly realized I didn't have a lot in the house to photograph. I could've spent a few hours rummaging in the garage in an attempt to find something, but didn't feel like it. There's not much of anything retro there, either though!

Retro Light

If you know me well, you probably know I have an obsession with lights. I love light fixtures of all kinds. There's just something about them that calls to me - I can't explain it, but it probably helps to explain my love of photography. This image is of one of my favorite types of lights. I always go out of my way to photograph them when I see them in the wild. It just so happened that I came across this one on the final day of the week, so figured it would be a good fit for the week's photo.