Week 4 - Minimalist

Week 4 - Minimalist
Photo by Katie Treadway / Unsplash

As a photographer (and artist), I sometimes see an image in my head that just won't go away. It lingers in my mind, taunting me at every opportunity. Sometimes it is an image that I think I really don't care enough about to take, or maybe I am just not ready to capture it. Now, the time is not right, so let me file that away for later. Maybe that's an excuse to just not take the photo... or maybe it's a lack of ambition and motivation.

COVID has really done a number on my creativity. Yeah, I tried the bread thing, and some other stuff, but none of it stuck... except the languages. I took my love of linguistics and not only brushed up on the languages I already speak, but learned a few new ones. I should say, still learning a few new ones.

Okay, I am getting off topic, so back to photography. We can talk about languages some other time.

A lonely cat toy

This is the photo that has been stuck in my head for weeks.

When the girls were kittens, they played with this cat toy all time. So much in fact, that they have 3 of them throughout the house (yes, they are spoiled rotten). Now that they're "teenagers" though, they don't really care for this particular toy anymore. I walk by it often enough, thinking of how neglected it is now. Poor lonely cat toy. All by itself, waiting for a furry companion to keep it company. This adequately captures the image of that in my head. I felt it was the perfect representation of minimalism.