Week 40 - Rule of Odds

Week 40 - Rule of Odds
Photo by Siora Photography / Unsplash

Odd, Odd, Odd.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

My OCDs don't very much like odd numbers of anything. I tend to gravitate to even numbers of even things. Sometimes, I am okay with the number 5, but only because it's 2 of 10 – two other even numbers. Yes, I am weird like that, but it's what contributes to me being super awesome.

Pushing aside my OCDs and tendencies for even numbered things, I set up to look for interesting odd numbered placements of things. Sadly, nothing really jumped out at me, and I found myself struggling to see what was probably in front of me all over the place. But sometimes you can't teach a dog new tricks, and you have to carve out your own path.

Odd of Odds

Having two young cats means there's a ton of cat toys all over the place. I actually realized that their plastic balls are in 3 different colors... so I took three of each, lined them up, and created a little depth of field in the image.

So here's your collection of odd for this week:
 3 colors of plastic balls.
 3 of each colored ball.
 3 rows...
 ...totaling 9 toys.

Okay, enough of that! Back to your regularly scheduled chaos!