Week 41 - Shoot Through Something

Week 41 - Shoot Through Something
Photo by C. G. / Unsplash

When I originally saw this week's photo challenge come up, I immediately remembered some previous images I created with this theme. The cover photo above represents some of them - shooting through frosted glass to capture an illusion of something on the other side... rain, a person, a tree, or even a house or a car. Then there's shooting through a contrasting color, such as a leaf or colored gel, which also gives some great effects on the final image.

What's that you said? Show us some images! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Poor planning ahead on my part. I will have to search through the image catalog for some of the photos I am referring to. For now though, I will stick to the photo for the week, and leave you wanting more. I know, I am terrible.

Somebody's Watching Me

If you're at all familiar with my bird photography, you know this is not the type of photo you'd ever see me posting. I even had a hard time taking it. Though I did realize it would be a great representation for the weekly challenge. I shot this Dark-eyed Junco through the screen of a window as he was searching out something to eat off the ground. I purposely cropped the image as I did to emphasize the placement of the window and screen in the image. It also adds some nice framing for the bird, too.