Week 5 - Black and White

Week 5 - Black and White
Photo by Jr Korpa / Unsplash

One of the main reasons why I wanted to do a weekly photo assignment (or challenge, or whatever the cool kids call stuff now), as opposed to a daily photo project, was to not have as much stress over getting the perfect image. There's a week to get a great shot (or two or three), and then move on to the next week.

Eat, Sleep, Shoot, Repeat.

But then I am hit with this – black and white.

Really? Really?? Why?? Do you know how vague that is? Do you know that I tend to shoot a lot of my work in black and white? How am I supposed to decide what direction to go with this? I need at least a little more to go on than just black and white. That's like saying "Have some food for dinner!" Gee, thanks! Thanks a lot! Really.

For whatever reason, I completely froze this week. I had no idea what to do, and was overwhelmed with too many options to pick from for a subject. Until...

Just some floof

Ersa happened. Yes, she squeezed herself into her cat tree cup for a nap. Turn, turn, turn, flop, up, turn, up, flop... if you have a cat, I know you're running this through your head right now. I can see it! There it is! So she's settling in, and then for literally about 5 seconds she had that floof tail of hers just like this, and I was quickly able to get this shot. Her positioning was perfect, the sun through the window lit her perfectly, the shapes, the shadows, the light... all perfect!

And just like that, photo for the week done. Eat, Sleep, Shoot, Repeat.