Week 50 - Roll of 24 (First Click)

Week 50 - Roll of 24 (First Click)
Photo by blocks / Unsplash

This week, let's go back in time to the days of film. Back when shooting film was the norm and not the exception, you would load a roll of 24 exposure film into your camera, and treasure every click. Spray and Pray was not a thing. Not if you valued your time and money.

I recall having to take my time to take many photographs back then. Look at the scene, compose the shot, ensure my settings were where I wanted them to be, and click the shutter. Then hope that I actually got the image I wanted. Back then, I was happy... no... ecstatic... if I had one great image on a roll of film. I did take a lot of duds back then, but also created some truly magical images.

It was nice that I found this particular cover image above. I used a lot of Tri-X film back in the day. It was my go-to stock for a long time. It produces some really great tones, and amazing grain. It's probably not as visually pleasing to the GenZ crowd with their phone cameras, but for those of us that have been around the block a few times, it was a favorite.

For the challenge this week, I was supposed to be deliberate with my clicks. No more that 24. And pick a favorite from that 24. Spend the time thinking about the image, composing the shot, and taking the photo. It definately brought be back to my film days.

As an added challenge to the challenge, I could use the first image I took. 1 of 24. The first click of the week. Oddly, even with this added requirement for the week, I was not overly stressed or over thinking things like I have done with many of the weekly photos this year. It was actually freeing in a way. No other constrants except the number of images taken. Despite the open-endedness of the challenge, I felt it was somewhat structured, yet quite freeing. I knew what I needed to do, and didn't need to worry beyond that. Liberating!