Week 8 - 1/2,000th or Faster

Week 8 - 1/2,000th or Faster
Photo by Mason Kimbarovsky / Unsplash
Ready, set, action!

I was excited for this week's photo challenge, since I knew exactly what I wanted to try to capture. The only thing I could not control was the weather, and I was hoping for a somewhat warm and sunny day to melt some of the snow from the recent storms.

drip, drip, drip

Even though this may appear as if it was easy to accomplish, a lot of little things had to fall into place to get this photo.

First, I had only 7 days to do it, so if one of the other things didn't happen, neither does this photo.

Then, fingers crossed for a sunny day (which means more available light so I don't need to use a flash) and temps above 40 degrees (warm enough to melt the snow, but not warm enough that it all melts too quickly).

So far, so good. The only complication was that it was pretty windy, so the melting snow was blowing almost horizontally at times. Despite the wind though, I had a window of about 5 minutes of snow melt in the spot I wanted to get this photo, and managed to pull off a shot I was happy with. Hopefully you enjoy this one as well!